For leisure to be explored carefully and thoroughly
Besides elegant rooms and restaurant, we decided to offer a series of activities supposed to delight you and extend your stay inside our hotel.


Many people know it as an opportunity of relaxation, but not many know that it is beneficial to our health. First help arranging a barrier against disease, the skin tone and a good enemy for acnea.

Spa & Relaxation


With a broad scope, in therapy or recovery, the beneficial effects of massage are found in every part of our body, therefore if it’s done correctly it can cure various diseases.


Is a good method for body health. It has beneficial effects and improve health, reduce the risk of heart attacks, colon cancer, diabetes or hypertension.


Importance of maintaining a healthy body should be on the priority list of anyone.  After an exhausting day is very important for the body to receive its dose of rest and motion to avoid

Unpleasant condition

Induced fatigue

Muscle atrophy

That’s why we provide all you need to follow precisely the famous maximum “Mens sana in corpore Sano.”

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Free Time

Organizing free time is often difficult but we have decided to help in this regard and to recommend some solutions

Inside the city of Satu Mare

Night life

Satu Mare has a lot options so you can choose clubs, terraces and bars that are located downtown near the hotel.

Victoria Cinema

For a fun time with a good movie you are invited to call in Victoria, the only cinema in town.

Shopping Center

If you think of shopping then you are invited to explore the shopping center that offers a wide range of shops which are located on four floors plus ground floor and basement.


It is the city’s pearl. Built in secession style, the Philharmonic building has a capacity of 400 seats and the symphony orchestra offers truly unique performances.

The Theather

Continuously hosts theater performances but also other categories such as fashion shows, dance performances or charitable shows

Central Park

Are a perfect solution for a quiet evening. Both summer and winter, Central Park and the pedestrian of the new center are arranged and decorated in such a way that gives you the joy of a successful walking.

Outside the city of Satu Mare

Located in the northwest, the city of Satu Mare is an important link both internally and externally. You can organize a series of trips both in our county and neighboring counties or west foreign countries.


If you choose to head on the road which leads to Baia Mare, you can park at the Iojib or Apa beaches for a similar experience at the seaside. If you are not followers of sun and swimming, you can head on the road which leads to the Cimitirul Vesel in historical Maramureş or simply enjoy the mountain scenery at Mogoşa or Borşa, where during winter you are allowed to ski. You may also choose Baia Mare, capital city of Maramureş county where you can visit the historical city center, planetarium and a central park promenade experience.


If you want to travel abroad you can do it through Petea custom. Immediately after you cross the border you can switch to different locations: the Nyregyhaza zoo, a city located 100 km from Satu Mare, Vásárosnamény’s beach and aquapark located at 60 km from Satu Mare, or just a simple shopping session at the nearest hypermarket, located in Mátészalka at 40 km from Satu Mare.

Țara Oașului

The touristic offer paves the way for such prestigious monasteries such as Mănăstirea Portăriţa, a friary where meat is not consumed at all, and the monastery construction is a particular one or mănăstirea Bixad where it is located a miraculous icon. You may also take a look at the Negreşti-Oaş museum which best reflects local community. For entertainment you can visit Mujdeni lake, the pond from Călineşti Oaş or the covered pools at Valea Măriei. For winter sports you have the slope at Sâmbra Oilor.


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